JMAC Group

JMAC Group Brand MAnagement

In July of 2023, our team was entrusted with the full-scale management of JMAC Safety Systems and JMAC Scaffolding’s marketing, a significant milestone as the JMAC Directors began their journey towards becoming JMAC Group.

Our strategic approach was twofold: to infuse a more corporate aesthetic into their brand while preserving their history and the down-to-earth vibe that had become synonymous with the JMAC name. The launch in July proved immensely successful, with tangible outcomes showcased in our case study statistics.

New Branding

In the latter part of 2023 and into 2024, we took on the task of giving JMAC Group a fresh new look for their brand. The page following reflects our dedication to keeping the classic JMAC style alive while giving the logo a modern touch.

We’ve crafted new brand logos and matching iconography for all five group brands. Following the MD’s preference for subtle changes, we stuck with the original colour palette, ensuring an outcome that was both updated and familiar.

Our marketing work spanned across a variety of areas including:


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